External Users Of Accounting Information

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Accounting provides the information which is useful for persons or groups inside or outside the organisation.

External Users of accounting information :

1. Investors : Those who want to invest money in an organisation want to know the financial health of the organisation. They need accounting information which will help them in evaluating past performance and future prospects of the organisation.

2. Creditors : Creditors means supplier of goods and services on credit , banks and lenders of money who want to know the financial position of a concern before providing loans or granting credit.They need accounting information relating to current assets , quick assets and current liabilities which is available in the financial statements.

3. Members Of Non Profit Organisations : Non profit organisations such as hospitals , clubs , schools, colleges etc. need accounting information to know how their contributed funds are being utilised. This information helps them to make decision regarding future support.

4. Government : Government wants to know earnings or sales for a particular period for the purpose of taxation. Income tax returns are examples of financial reports which are prepared with information taken from accounting.

5. Research Scholars : Accounting information helps research scholars who wants to make a study into the financial operation of a particular firm.

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