Concept And Types Of Reconstruction

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When a company is suffering loss for several past years and suffering from financial difficulties, it may go for reconstruction. In other words, when a company's balance sheet shows huge accumulated losses, heavy fictitious and intangible assets or is in financial difficulties or is to over capitalized, and then the process of reconstruction is restored.
Reconstruction may be internal and external.

1. External reconstruction
When a company is suffering losses for the past several years and facing financial crisis, the company can sell its business to another newly formed company. Actually, the new company is formed to take over the assets and liabilities of the old company. This process is called external reconstruction. In other words, external reconstruction refers to the sale of the business of existing company to another company formed for the purposed. In external reconstruction, one company is liquidated and another new company is formed. The liquidated company is called "Vendor Company" and the new company is called "Purchasing Company". Shareholders of vendor company become the shareholders of purchasing company.

2. Internal Reconstruction
Internal reconstruction refers to the internal re-organization of the financial structure of a company. It is also termed as re-organization which permits the existing company to be continued. Generally, share capital is reduced to write off the past accumulated losses of the company. The accounting procedure of internal reconstruction is distinct from that of amalgamation, absorption and external reconstruction.

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