Characteristics Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has the following characteristics:

1. Creating New Venture

Entrepreneurship is concerned with creation of new venture with new ideas. Such ventures starts as a small business to satisfy the unfulfilled needs in the market. These new ventures produce something new of value, create new market and new customers.

2. Hard Work And Commitment

Entrepreneurship requires hard work and commitment through devotion of time and efforts. Hard work with enthusiasm is needed to make new ideas, developing plan, determination of required resources. Entrepreneurs have deep sense of personal responsibility and high level of energy.

3. Risk Assumption

Entrepreneurship involves assumption of risks which implies possibility of loss. Probability estimates of the outcome of risk situations are made to calculate risk. Generally, new ventures tend to have high risk and high failure rate. Financial risk, career risk, social risk and psychic risk are involved in entrepreneurship.

4. Reaping Of Rewards

Entrepreneurship results in reaping of rewards. Rewards can be monetary benefits in terms of profit or non-monetary benefits in terms of personal satisfaction, self development, fame, reputation and independence in work. Monetary rewards serve as symbol of achievement and non-monetary rewards provide opportunities to make contribution toward social well-being and get social recognition.

Concept And Meaning Of Entrepreneurship

The process of discovering new venture with creativity and innovation is called entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship requires assumption of risk and reaping of awards. It brings resources together and provides option for self-employment to an individual. Entrepreneurship also creates employment opportunity for others.

Entrepreneurship is a mind set of creativity and risk taking. It is a process of identifying opportunities and bringing together factors of production to exploit these opportunities.Entrepreneurship results in creation of new venture by planning, organizing, operating and assuming the risk. It always aims for innovation, profitability and growth.

The entrepreneurial spirit has appeared as the engine of economic development. Entrepreneurship has resulted in millions of new ventures in the world. Entrepreneurship has appeared as the driving force for industrial and economic development. Therefore, the interest in the concept of entrepreneurship is growing in today's world.

Concept And Meaning Of Investment


Generally, income and expenditure of an individual never equals.If current income exceeds current desires, people intend to save their surplus. With this surplus they plan to use the saving in another way. In this connections, individuals may have various alternatives. They can deposit the money in bank or purchase government or corporate bonds or invest in stocks or contribute the fund to a provident fund or purchase the real assets like land, building, plants etc. In this way what people think about the use of saving that is known as investment.

Investment refers to the sacrifice of present financial resources with the view to get additional benefit in future. Therefore, investment can be defined as a alternative or best use of the saving. Purchase of real or financial assets is considered as the investment. Such use takes place at present and almost certain. However, returns are generated in future and that are generally uncertain. Therefore, every investment involves some degree of risk which occurs due to several reasons.

Therefore, we conclude that, invest is a sacrifice of current fund or money or other resources for future benefits. It is the employment of saving or funds with the view of achieving additional income . It involves the commitment of resources that have been saved  from current consumption, in the hope that some benefit will produce in future. It involves long term commitment and waiting for a reward. The sacrifice takes place in the present and reward comes later and uncertain.