Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs have to face the following Problems:

1. Lack Of Adequate Capital

Generally, women entrepreneurs use their savings and personal property to start a new venture. Due to their poor access to external financial resources, they face the problem in raising capital.

2. Poor Business Relations

In male-dominated groups, it is very hard for the women entrepreneurs to to develop business relations. Therefore, they find limited business opportunities. 

3. Lack Of Skill

Generally, women possess administrative skills and lack manufacturing and technical skills. Therefore, their skills and experience limits them to service-related ventures only.

4. Family Pressure

Women entrepreneurs suffer from family pressure. They have to devote their time for household works and for children. This limits them to use time for new venture.

5. Low Mobility

Women tend to be less mobile than men by nature. Due to low mobility, they may lose various business opportunities.

6. Other Difficulties

Women entrepreneurs have to face various other problems such as legal constraints, lack of infrastructure, shortage of raw materials, stiff competition. etc.

Functions Of Women Entrepreneurs

Following Functions Are Performed By Women Entrepreneurs

1. Creating New Venture
Women entrepreneurs identify the opportunities, evaluate them and select the best opportunity. They convert the opportunity into new venture. Women entrepreneurs are imaginative in nature and they can develop ideas about the new venture.

2. Risk Bearing
Every business includes some portion of risk. But women entrepreneurs have risk taking capacity. They calculate different types of risks such as financial risk, social risk, psychological risk etc. They handle risks by gathering information.

3. Innovation
This is another major function of women entrepreneurs. They convert their ideas into innovations to meet market demands by the help of research and development facilities. 

4. Management
Women entrepreneurs believe in hard work. They directly engage in the management. They take part in planning, coordinating and controlling. They motivate and provide leadership to the employees.

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Difference Between Entrepreneur And Intrapreneur

The differences between entrepreneur and intrapreneur are as follows:

1. Dependency
Entrepreneur: He is fully independent. He does not work for others and his own boss. 
Intrapreneur: He depends on corporate owner. He works for corporation under defined rules and regulations.

2. Capital/ Investment
Entrepreneur: He manages required capital himself. He raises fund for new business.
Intrapreneur: He does not need to manage required fund because corporation raises capital for the business.

3. Risk Bearing
Entrepreneur: He bears 100%  business risk. He risks own money.
Intrapreneur: He does not bear full risk of the business, He risks others money.

4. Primary Motive
Entrepreneur: Primary motive of entrepreneur is to be independent, self-satisfaction and earn monetary reward.
Intrapreneur: He has the motive of advancement and promotion with fixed salary.

5. Time Bound
Entrepreneur: He does not follow strict timetable. It may take several years for the growth of the business.
Intrapreneur: He is bounded by the corporate timetable.

6. Mind-set
Entrepreneur: He is guided by the principle of ' Problems provide opportunities'.
Intrapreneur: He thinks that the problems are threats for him and his corporation

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