Disadvantages Of Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment sources and methods have some disadvantages as follows:

1. Limited Choice
Internal recruitment provides limited choice of talent available in the organization as it avoids the arrival of fresh candidates. Internal recruitment does not tap any candidate from outside the organization; hence, the choice upon members of organization is limited.

2. Implementation Of Traditional System
Internal recruitment requires the implementation of traditional form, system, process and procedures. And this limits the scope of fresh talent in the organization.
3. No Opportunity
In internal recruitment, the internal employees are protected from competition by not providing any opportunity to fresh talents. This also develops a tendency among the employees to take promotions without any extra knowledge or talent.

4. Favourism
There will be tendency of referring friends and family members in the organization. Then, the organization will be overstaffed with talent-less crowd.

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5. Limited Internal Sources
The source of supply of manpower is limited in internal recruitment method. When an employee is promoted, his/her previous position will be vacant and another personnel is to be recruited to fill that vacant position.

6. Costly
Taking into consideration that when an employee is promoted, his/her position will be vacant. In this regard, another employee is to be recruited to fill that position, which may be costly affair.

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