Difference Between Internal And External Recruitment

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Internal recruitment is concerned with recruiting people internally through transfer and promotion and external recruitment is associated with recruiting people externally through advertisement, employees referrals and other external sources.
A comparison between internal recruitment and external recruitment is as follows:

1. Internal recruitment: It is a quick process that involves the search of candidates internally.
External recruitment: It is a lengthier process that involves finding potential candidates externally or outside the organization.

2. Internal recruitment: This process is cheaper one as it does not involve any cost of contracting external sources.
External recruitment: This process is costly one as it bears extra cost for searching out the potential candidates.
3. Internal recruitment: Under it, there will be limited choice of candidates.
External recruitment: A wider choice of candidates is possible if external recruitment is used to get the people at work.

4. Internal recruitment: It motivates the existing staffs to improve their performance.
External recruitment: The existing staffs may feel dissatisfied if external recruitment is used to get the people at work.

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5. Internal recruitment: The infusion of fresh talent is impossible in internal recruitment.
External recruitment: The infusion of fresh talent is possible in external recruitment.

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